Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I did a month of bikram. Wow. It has the intensity of tiger but calmness of yoga. Your body changes to the shape of the practice in a matter of a couple weeks.
My question is bikram or hot yoga? Hot yoga nutures and bikram kicks your ass.

We have 12 weeks til Bermuda and my goal is to drop about 25 pounds. I'm trying to accept the fact that I HAVE to do cardio EVERY day. It's what my body type and love for food requires. I guueess I could alter my love of food but that wouldn't be fun. I've created a menu that I'm sticking to for the next 12 weeks. Simple and I even throw in a couple yummy non care options.
I'm learning if most of your overall meals for the week (35 total if you do 5 small daily) super healthy then you can enjoy a dolop of sour cream (full delicious fat kind) with your turkey taco salad. And then there is pasta night. And yes I mean white pasta with a delicious vodka sauce.
Eat super star for 25-30 of your weekly meals and then allow delicious moments!!!! I think I'm finally tapping into some balance! Whoohoo this is truly a good moment!!!!

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  1. Re: "I think I'm finally tapping into some balance"!

    I think you're right :)