Friday, March 26, 2010


What a start to a new decade. I had the intention to lose weight in a non aggressive way. My strength was tested when I was gently told I don't have the svelt body the "company" is looking for to open a new property. I'm the best in the company but they are looking for a specific type. After several hours of tears and anger I decided I will lose the weight and I will lose it more aggressively. I'm going to make lemonade out of lemons!!!

So here I am 7 am on my way to tiger. Sensai sensed something was wonky and isn't letting me get cozy and plant poision ivy around my newly constructed wall. I haven't gone too crazy yet... I'm trying to find my voice.

I started assistant teaching at an AMAZING studio in tribecca. That's inside the city!!!! Staring at my body from all angles again put things in perspective. Is the pizza and burger and wings and cold stone really worth it!? Well yes... But not the way I've been abusing it. So here I am once again searching for the balance

I was told if you're not willing to do it for the rest of your life then find a new way. It's helping me not go crazy with my "health" habits.

We got through the night without junk food. We had boring ckn and broc. We each has 2 small squares of dark chocolate and popcorn. It was so hard but we did it!!! We busted the wall down

I also reconnected with an amazing person. She is so positive it always helps to motivate me!

Lemonade!!!! And it's delicious!!!

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